The power of the video in B2B marketing
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How to become a confident B2B marketer in five days or less: Day 4

Day 4: B2B goes big screen

As the trendy marketing company NowComms is – and following the idea of a client’s Video Selfie project – we decided it was time to jump on and get the Camcorder out. For the purpose of this project, substitute Camcorder for my iPhone placed on a carefully constructed pile of stationary and books, and held in place with Blu tac.

The challenge: to film a short video explaining the NowComms’ B2B marketing #hackday, in under an hour… and to edit, touch up and make look brilliant in under a day.

The filming was relatively straightforward – I moaned about having to be filmed, the camera fell over – but we got a large amount of footage quite easily. Too much, in fact, for a short clip, and deciding what was unnecessary was a tricky task. In fact it was this that forced me to think more like a marketing expert than I’ve had to so far. What’s the most important message here? To explain #hackdays, but why not show how great we are too… One clip has a good message, but is delivered badly… Is this actually interesting to watch? It was a perfect exercise in marketing, and I like to think it also employed some kind of psychology (as a Psychology student I’m always looking to claim this).

There were also more unlikely sources from which most difficulties came; loading videos to Google Drive, and then searching for a USB lead when I couldn’t make it work, trying to find the ‘change font colour’ button on Windows Media player for an absurdly long time, being completely stumped for music ideas. But it came together in the end – and here is the finished product, with an all-star cast from Now Communications HQ.

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