Life in a marketing internship: social media as your best friend
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How to become a confident B2B marketer in five days or less: Day 2

Day 2: stats and social media

Who knew just how many functions Google has. Of course, I knew there was more to it than the standard search – I spent the majority of my French GCSE plugging my homework into Translate, and everyone’s had fun on I’m Feeling Lucky – but discovering Google Analytics has upped the ante.

Analytics shows everything that anyone would want to know about their website – the number of viewers, those that ‘bounce’, which pages are most popular. For today’s education in B2B marketing, I was most interested in where the hits were coming from – how users found their way to the NowComms website. Twitter, Quora and Facebook all attract traffic, but here’s where I come in; attempting to increase and expand the social media presence of NowComms and in turn increase website views – which could lead to all important conversions (those who purchase, sign up and so on).

The aim is to gain more follows, more retweets, more likes and more comments across the various social media channels – the other target suggested by a colleague was to double the hits to the website by tomorrow morning, I’m not rising to that one – but also to be more social, returning the favour to other users. I began this task by creating an Instagram account, linking the post to Twitter, and providing a link to yesterday’s blog. A couple of things became clear from this, mainly that hashtagging relevant words, such as marketing and internship, does indeed increase the presence of a post on Instagram; the photo had 27 likes in five minutes (I was slightly disheartened that never has a picture on my private Instagram account had anywhere near that response). However, it was also clear that these people were not following us and not necessarily linked to marketing. But maybe any response is better than no response.

What I’ve learned:

  • There is no point having content on a website if no one looks at it, but there is also not much point in having hits on a website if these aren’t made into conversions
  • Twitter is most successful for bringing people to NowComms marketing website. The aim is to increase the success of NowComms on social media.
  • Hashtagging does work, but maybe not so well on Instagram as Twitter; Instagram has far more strange people on it.

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