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Announcing our great new team-up with LPI

Great content marketing needs high definition channel to really deliver the lead nurturing, new biz gen opportunities we’re all looking for right? That’s why we’re chuffed this August, to announce our new team-up with the Learning and Performance Institute.

As you’d expect from any decent B2B marketing agency, there’s reams of colourful copy to come, but right here, right now, if you’re looking to kick your marcommms activity into hyper-drive this September, we reckon we got the DeLorean scale content marketing plan you need to do it.

L&D QuestionTime takes place on Sept 9th at Bishopsgate, London. It’s the kick-off event for LearningLive this year so expectations are soaring.

The format is super simple: It’s Britain’s most loved debating show, flavoured for the L&D industry. Swap David Dimbleby for learning sage Nigel Paine, and expect a group of L&D trusted names and disruptive upstarts to make the show spectacular.

Under the hood, all of the lead nurturing, marketing automation and biz gen tactics we’re known and loved for make sure that anyone supporting, sponsoring and partnering the show gets weeks, nea, months worth of marking benefit via the database and content marketing tactics we’re known and loved for.

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