Cartes Secure Connexions marketing support pack
Marketing support pack

Cartes Secure Connexions marketing support pack: coming soon

Starting to panic about all the marketing stuff you’ve still got to do for the Cartes Secure Connexions Expo? Relax: We’ve got it covered.

Our special trade show marketing pack for Cartes exhibitors officially launches next week, but your opportunity to see what’s on offer starts today.

The products and services below are the best sellers that Security & ID companies going to trade shows most frequently ask us for.

Take five minutes now to see what’s on offer. We can only support a small number of companies at each show so all offers are limited.  If you like anything you see just register your early bird interest and we’ll contact you before these services go public next week.

Pre or Post-show email marketing with lead nurturing and marketing automation
emialiconTurn a bucket full of existing contacts and new prospects into a hotlist of scored leads using our awesome content and marketing automation combo.

How does it work?

1. If you don’t already use a Marketing Automation system like Marketo, Hubspot or Act-on, we’ll set you up on ours (Don’t sweat the tech. We know these systems inside out and we’ll handle all the boring stuff).

2. Use the checkboxes below to choose how many campaign outputs you’d like to run on and around the duration of Cartes Secure Connections.

3. Hack out your campaign theme with us over skype, hangouts or even that little black thing you walk around with.

4. Let us manage the rest while you just focus on just being great on the day.

Or, if you want to take the opportunity to just try out our automation platform, why not take the opportunity of trialling it in the build up to the show.

Costs: from £2,499 Limited availability


The L&D Fast50
socialiconPower the social debate during Cartes Expo with our real-time news generation packages

How does it work?

1.We work with you before the show to create the perfect debating question or questions for your business at the event.

2. Our research team gets to work on the days of the show, asking your questions to prospect entering and exiting the venue.

3. As soon as at least 50 visitors have responded, our writers turn the fresh data into breaking news – directly relevant to those at the show – tag it for social, optimise it for search, then publish it on the Fast50 website. Learn more

Costs from £750 Limited availability


The responsive microsite
webiconThe products and services your company is promoting at this year’s show, on a responsive microsite designed for expo visitors on the move

How does it work?

Exhibitors at the Cartes Secure Connections use our pre and post show microsites to:

  • Pre-publicise show activity and drive key targets to their stand
  • Schedule meetings and prioritise demo sessions
  • Develop social seminar topics that engage and get shared
  • Connect with budget holders and influencers who may not attend

Costs from £1299 Limited availability


The Cartes Secure Connexions content marketing #hackbundle
collaborateiconA B2B marketing #hack designed to create three awesome news hooks for the big products and services you want to promote before, during and after the Cartes Secure Connexions

How does it work?

A live #hack session featuring your best marketing people and our creative content specialists. Over the course of one morning or afternoon, we hack out three awesome news hooks to get show visitors talking about you this June.

Costs from £750 Limited availability


Amplify your message

amplifyiconeShot design: Impress new and known prospects with an HTML email template that drives readers to a new or existing landing page created exclusively to promote the activities you’re planning for this year’s show.

Costs from £499


The big show news story:

chaticonChoose this option if you don’t already have a news story ready for the show. One of our award-winning writers will call you to help you assess your company’s best story options. They’ll take a brief, then write up your show release to your full approval before Cartes Secure Connexions gets under way.

Costs from £750


Boost your story:

binoculariconUse Now’s mainstream and social media influencer lists to kick-start your story

Costs from £499


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