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Why Account Based Marketing (ABM) is B2B's priority one right now

Zero waste promotional planning for today's tough economy

What's the most important marketing strategy you can hatch right now to operate, succeed, and maybe even grow, in today's zero, or just shy of zero - economy?

Odds are, if you’re in the B2B space, it’s going to be an Account Based Marketing strategy. Here’s why:

ABM = zero waste. It’s 100% focused on perfectly profiled customers. No budget is ever wasted.

    • Campaign message development is faster. Reiterating campaigns to boost performance takes days, not weeks and months.

    • Scaling up with confidence is built-in. When ABM campaigns are performing as they should, getting buy-in for more budget is easy.

What is Account Based Marketing?

In a nutshell an ABM strategy workflow looks like this:

    • Find your perfect customer universe

    • Research this customer universe and develop customer personas

    • Tell them something

    • Listen to them (closely)

    • Learn from them and tell them something better

How to find the perfect customer universe

There are lots of ways to do this, but the simplest and fastest is usually to use LinkedIn’s  premium Sales Navigator feature. This costs about $80 / month but its ability to produce ABM lists is priceless. An ABM list might be 500 “perfectly” profiled prospects for a SME or many thousands for a global enterprise. It’s up to you.

How to research the customer universe and develop customer personas

Again, use LinkedIn’s granular profile data to find the persona patterns that are present in the customer universe you have created. Work out where these customers are and what they like. Researching the groups they follow and what they like and share on this platform (and others) allows you to build highly accurate customer personas quickly.

Now tell them something

That sounds pretty obvious right? But what you tell them is now informed by the insights you uncovered in the persona studies you’ve produced. The advantages and benefits you want to talk to customers about are framed in real issues you can be confident customers are interested in.

Listen to them, learn and improve

Again, listening to, and learning from, the customer seems like a no-brainer for any marketer or product dev team, but listening closely, without prejudice, and at scale is actually pretty hard. For many stakeholders, the listening need is answered by creating customer survey’s or asking for feedback, but bias is built-in to both of these tactics because they only analyse opinions and experiences from customer sub-groups (people who proactively opt-in to a survey or choose to give feedback). Acting on this type of feedback alone can be dangerous. It ignores the experiences of the silent majority that does not engage in classic survey / feedback request interruption tactics.

More textured listening comes when you incorporate the “fly on the wall” data that surfaces with deep analytical study. This means mastering the analytics tools offered by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social platforms.

    • Do you know roughly how many visitors come to your website each month?

    •  Do you know how these visitors find you (search, social, referral, email marketing)?

    • Do you know exactly what they do when they visit your site (and are you 100% clear on exactly what you want them to do)?

Surveys and feedback options don’t effectively tackle these questions, but they are the premium questions you need answers to if you want to generate more leads and sales from your site.

Getting started with Account Based Marketing (ABM)

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