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Guide to copywriting

What is copywriting?  Copywriting is the art of writing a piece of content that sells your product by convincing prospective customers to take a specific action. A digital marketing copywriter will generally write a piece for a wide audience through emails, social posts and blogs.  Most copywriting is done on website pages to help with […]

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eLearning companies in mainland Europe are back in business, and business is looking quite good.

Lots of our clients in the eLearning, HR, and L&D industries are pretty nervous at the moment. As organisations cut back on spending, many companies are wondering if they can survive the current Covid-19 pandemic. And if they think they can survive, then they’re certainly wondering what they should do now to plan for whatever’s […]

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The Learning Technologies Exhibition 2019 Showcased Some of the Latest Advancements in Gamification

Gamification wasn’t hard to come by at the Learning Technologies exhibition this year. Everywhere you turned there was an exciting game that lured attendees to exhibitors’ stands. Different forms of gamification were on full display. Leo set up a train game simulation for attendees. Unicorn drew in crowds with their QuizCom product where attendees took the unicorn-themed […]

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What a great 2016; see you in 2017

Thanks to everybody who helped make 2016 a great year for business. We’re pretty proud of our numbers!

Served web pages to 1,500,000 people (approx 5,000,000 page views).
Sold over £1.8 million on our eCommerce websites.
Helped over 50 Police orphans gain easier access to financial help.
Taught over 50 school children to code.
The new expanded Now Comms team are looking forward to working with you in 2017.

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“With Now|Comms, we get the entire team face-to-face: web builders, designers, copywriters…everyone. It keeps things simple.”

Orla Harty, Cantillon