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Building brand fans

Trust us when we tell you tell you this: If your media programmes are already generating great reviews in your industry’s prime titles, you couldn’t be doing anything more…Oh, actually, there is one thing… When people like Forrester research ask people like “your customers” just what it is that triggers a purchasing decision, three out […]

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Trade show traffic booster

At your next event or tradeshow, make sure your sales people are scheduled to meet the right prospects, right through the day. Now’s lead generation module promises to boost the quality and the quantity of potential customers attending your stand. We start by looking at whatever prospect data you have – it may need cleaned […]

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Google adwords management

You read the spin, researched the data and received the free online Google Adwords voucher to help you get started. Heck you may even have opened up an account and launched a campaign or two. Then what happened?… It’s OK we know the rest. There’s no single, 12-step plan to make Google AdWords work well […]

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Relevance marketing

We know your browser’s pop-up blocker is on, your spam filter’s running, you almost never tick the box that says “we occasionally like to inform valued customers of new products or services” and you’ll fast forward the ads this evening when you’re watching last night’s telly on Sky+. We didn’t need to recruit Derren Brown […]

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“Now|Comms really understands content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive.”

Steve Holland, Support Robotics