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5 and a half things to try after you’ve exhausted all your list blogging options

We’ve been addicted to lists ever since Moses published the “Top 10 things thou shalt or shalt not do” post, and for busy copywriters on multiple deadlines, they’ve been a Godsend ever since. Lists posts, or “listicles”, are the bloggers’ get out of jail card. They work because they promise something really specific in the headline: […]

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Winning Without Spinning: Why it’s always B2B Award Season with #NoFluff marketing

It is finally Leo’s moment. One of the internet’s best loved memes reached peak velocity this week. With five nominations and no wins, Leo DiCaprio was the world’s most celebrated Oscar underdog. With an epic and varied catalogue of work behind him, some said it was only a matter of time – this sixth nomination for his role in a Best […]

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How to become a confident B2B marketer in five days or less: Day 1

Day 1: trending and amending Marketing internships are more searched in the UK than media, journalism and BBC internships according to Google trends. Therefore I realise I’m lucky in starting my first of a five-day placement – a marketing internship – with B2B marketing company, Now Communications. This is the first piece of work I’ve been […]

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Is Net Promoter Score any good?

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re pretty analytical here at Now Comms. We think that B2B marketing needs to be evidential if it’s ever going to support really effective lead nurturing campaigns. This reputation for data based decision making means we’re often asked about the Net Promoter Score System. Usually the discussion goes along […]

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LearningLive: the inside story as told by 77% of last year’s exhibitors

A couple of years ago our exit polling at Birmingham’s World of Learning identified LearningLive as the “significant other” event that most L&D professionals were likely to go to. Since then, every time we’ve asked L&D professionals to tell us about the trade shows and conferences they’re really getting excited about. So if LearningLive is emerging as […]

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London Olympics 2012: What on earth does that have to do with e-learning?

Rebooting the Eurozone economy, the environment and corporate responsibility, work / life balance and even the London 2012 Olympic Games: the impact that learning technologies has on the workplace can influence every major milestone on the business agenda, so why do most e-learning marketers bore business leaders with tech-centric training talk? Take this year’s World Earth […]

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“These guys really moved the dial on marketing for us.”


Catherine Stenson, VP of Marketing, D4T4 Solutions