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5 and a half things to try after you’ve exhausted all your list blogging options

We’ve been addicted to lists ever since Moses published the “Top 10 things thou shalt or shalt not do” post, and for busy copywriters on multiple deadlines, they’ve been a Godsend ever since. Lists posts, or “listicles”, are the bloggers’ get out of jail card. They work because they promise something really specific in the headline: […]

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What a great 2016; see you in 2017

Thanks to everybody who helped make 2016 a great year for business. We’re pretty proud of our numbers!

Served web pages to 1,500,000 people (approx 5,000,000 page views).
Sold over £1.8 million on our eCommerce websites.
Helped over 50 Police orphans gain easier access to financial help.
Taught over 50 school children to code.
The new expanded Now Comms team are looking forward to working with you in 2017.

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SecureIdentity Beta Launch

SecureIdentity by Morpho Launch! SecureIdentity, the new government verification service is coming soon… In the meantime, be sure to check out our helpful FAQs to guide you through the changes coming on our website. This is brought to you by Morpho, the world leader in government ID. The SecureIdentity service is secure, easy to use and […]

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Is Net Promoter Score any good?

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re pretty analytical here at Now Comms. We think that B2B marketing needs to be evidential if it’s ever going to support really effective lead nurturing campaigns. This reputation for data based decision making means we’re often asked about the Net Promoter Score System. Usually the discussion goes along […]

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Britain’s specialist B2B marketing agency for digital security & ID sector is back in the game

Ever wondered what happened to that specialist B2B marketing agency for digital security & ID sector? The one you’d always see around the big industry trade shows like Biometrics, Trustech, SIMalliance or SDW? You remember them right? They were the ones bright enough to get national attention for your digital security & ID news stories […]

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LearningLive: the inside story as told by 77% of last year’s exhibitors

A couple of years ago our exit polling at Birmingham’s World of Learning identified LearningLive as the “significant other” event that most L&D professionals were likely to go to. Since then, every time we’ve asked L&D professionals to tell us about the trade shows and conferences they’re really getting excited about. So if LearningLive is emerging as […]

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Getting started with Google Adwords

This week we look at the advertising phenomena that’s captured over 80 percent of the Pay Per Click market and pinpoint the AdWords’ pitfalls that are driving B2B marketers to seek professional guidance. “Google AdWords can be dangerous in its simplicity” Callum Bridgeford is director at online health and wellness business Energise For Life. Typical […]

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London Olympics 2012: What on earth does that have to do with e-learning?

Rebooting the Eurozone economy, the environment and corporate responsibility, work / life balance and even the London 2012 Olympic Games: the impact that learning technologies has on the workplace can influence every major milestone on the business agenda, so why do most e-learning marketers bore business leaders with tech-centric training talk? Take this year’s World Earth […]

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Thought leadership & media management

In today’s multimedia environment, it takes more than the classic communications tools like news releases, case studies or press alerts to drive messages into print, online and rolling news channels effectively. Now NewsMaker is a thematic approach to media campaigning that fuses the key messages your business needs to communicate with the topical news triggers […]

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Building brand fans

Trust us when we tell you tell you this: If your media programmes are already generating great reviews in your industry’s prime titles, you couldn’t be doing anything more…Oh, actually, there is one thing… When people like Forrester research ask people like “your customers” just what it is that triggers a purchasing decision, three out […]

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Trade show traffic booster

At your next event or tradeshow, make sure your sales people are scheduled to meet the right prospects, right through the day. Now’s lead generation module promises to boost the quality and the quantity of potential customers attending your stand. We start by looking at whatever prospect data you have – it may need cleaned […]

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Google adwords management

You read the spin, researched the data and received the free online Google Adwords voucher to help you get started. Heck you may even have opened up an account and launched a campaign or two. Then what happened?… It’s OK we know the rest. There’s no single, 12-step plan to make Google AdWords work well […]

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Relevance marketing

We know your browser’s pop-up blocker is on, your spam filter’s running, you almost never tick the box that says “we occasionally like to inform valued customers of new products or services” and you’ll fast forward the ads this evening when you’re watching last night’s telly on Sky+. We didn’t need to recruit Derren Brown […]

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“I think these guys do a great job and so does my wife.”

Richard Fox, Toucan