AI Marketing: How we taught AI to sell our services within 4 weeks

We taught GPT about our business

and this is what it thinks of us! 😱

By now we've all used AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Bard to supercharge our marketing

sometimes it feels less like artificial and more like superficial intelligence

I love using ChatGPT. I can ask it literally anything and it will spit back something that resembles an answer. Even after lengthy discussions, I sometimes catch myself saying thank you or pausing to think “Perhaps I’ve asked it enough questions already, it might not want to continue”. But it will always happily try to solve whatever problem you are asking it ad infinitum or until the GPT-4 limit kicks in…

Yet, all too frequently you hit the brick wall of “As an AI language model…” and snap back to realising it’s just a mouth without a brain. In its present state, it can’t know anything about you apart from the context you manually inject into the conversation. Even then, after time it hallucinates and deviates from your understanding of the exchange.

Perhaps I’m a little too obsessed with my digital sidekick, but I’d love to be able to converse with it and have it remember who I was and what I wanted to talk about without the bother of contextualising every time.

I think I’ve almost done it!

Getting the Data

Over the past few months, I’ve been building support tools that use a mix of OpenAi api, SEMrush, Endole and page scraping scripts that are able to fetch and store multiple data points about a business.

It’s still early days but the aim is to create a support tool that helps give reliable feedback to a user who might not know their organic keywords from their metatags.

For example, the screenshot shows the “Pillar Content” analyser.  It scrapes data from a web page which is then contextualised and fed into a series of behind-the-scene chats that give the user an overview of the page in question, a list of blog topics to explore and keyword clusters to analyse.

I can then sanitise and store that data in a database and use it again in other tools to give GPT a little more context about who you are when you ask it a set of marketing-related questions. This helps the user generate content and insight across their marketing channels – from generating relevant blogs and social post ideas to qualifying incoming enquiries and composing responses, scores and much, much more!

Saving and displaying the Data

We use Firebase which is great for dynamically storing and fetching data at scale . . .

. . . fetching all the details to preload into your initial prompt . . .

(showing the content for demo purposes)

. . . and finally, making the content draggable, editable and iterable!

And this is what it came up with!

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We're not saying it's perfect but . . .

. . . this feature was prototyped in just three days!

The astounding thing I’m discovering with the GPT api is how intuitively it blends conversational commands with data. You can almost guarantee a sensible output if you construct the prompt correctly, conversationally – `output a list of 10 blogs titles separated by “\n”‘, blended like this with a code/semantic solution, works almost too well!

const generatePillarMessages = (question, data) => {
let message =
`You are an AI web page analyser. ${question}\n` +
"The data for the pillar page is:\n";
Object.entries(data).forEach(([key, value]) => {
message += `- ${key}: ${value}\n`;


AI is developing at a rate that’s hard to keep track of, and it is only going to get more advanced, but we are navigating it carefully and closely. It could all too easily become a Magic 8 Ball/Dice Man moment where we offload decisions solely on AI outputs. That isn’t the end goal experience I have in mind, what I think is a real opportunity here is my chance to develop a bunch of tools to enable our clients to engage, explore and learn about things they might feel a bit silly asking us. Outputs are logged and stored creating rich and dynamic datasets that will help our team make better decisions, faster, without having to interrogate the client.


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