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Now|Comms wins 24 way pitch to become digital marketing agency to world’s most innovative smart tech business

Same old new client win story: Stupid headline, 6 figure deal, strategic partnership, made up client quote, yada yada

We won something!

Award winning agile marketing agency Now|Comms becomes digital marketing partner for world’s most innovative smart tech company

Innovative smart tech biz labels new partnership "just perfect": "We'll never look at another agency again"

The pioneering smart tech company, which delivers groundbreaking smart tech so innovate hardly any customers can be expected to really comprehend how smart the tech being pioneered really is, will use Now’s agile marketing stack to rework and clarify the long debated series of sales points, features and benefits hatched over time, by internal stakeholders keen to make sure that every little thing their innovative smart tech did, was communicated in equal measure to every potential customer persona, equally.

We’re about to launch the third generation of our product so things are only going to get tougher, says CEO and part time philanthropist Barry Borington.

Commenting on the new appointment, a senior spokesperson for the world’s most innovative smart tech company said: “I don’t rate marketers. They always seem to just waltz into the boardroom like they’re Tom Cruise on the Graham Norton show then start telling me what’s wrong with my marketing. And the tattoos and the ear piercings don’t help either!”

The world’s most innovative smart technology company will use Now’s full stack agile marketing portfolio to turn shed loads of convoluted, jumped up gobbledygook into short, clear and simple sales messages using its agile branding process. Once messages and sales points make basic common sense, agile web design will re-invent the company’s corporate website, delivering a user experience that needn’t come with a public health warning. On going live with the new website agile campaign management takes over, driving relieved prospects to easy to digest messages and clear calls to action via buyers journeys determined by the analytics and testing processes built into Now’s Agile Team service.

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