B2B marketing: How the NowComms method Gets Stuff Done

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How agile marketing gets stuff done

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How we deliver brilliant and effective marketing campaigns

NowComms' agile marketing

Our secret? Collaboration is key!

Let’s call a spade a spade: There’s no get-rich-quick scheme when it comes to marketing, nor should you take any get customers in five easy steps fad seriously. So why on earth would anyone bring the same cookie-cutter approach to marketing solutions!? That’s why NowComms does everything the agile marketing way. It means collaborating regularly, taking a rigorous approach to analytics and making sure every decision made is evidence based.

The NowComms agile marketing method

We start our initiatives with a bang, with our unique marketing #hackdays. In a simple, online workshop, our cross-functional team will work alongside a client to map out clear and tailored marketing objectives.

We don’t like abstract targets, especially ones that don’t even bother to explain how they can be achieved (“We’re going to double sales this year!” That’s lovely Mr Manager, but how?). We tackle ambiguity by setting clear and measurable KPIs during our hackdays, and establish stakeholder buy-in for them there and then. That way, everyone is on the same page when it comes to marketing strategy and planning.

Regular sprint planning

To keep everything relevant and on track, we like to schedule regular two week sprint planning sessions across the extended Now/client team. These sprint planning sessions allow us to report back and present evidence acquired through all activities completed so far. This evidence powers our next move, helping everyone across the extended team to agree the specific actions and outputs we’ll all focus on over the two week sprint ahead.

Continuous improvement

We also hold big picture “review & next steps” hacks every quarter. This gives us the opportunity to fine-tune and optimise strategy, and set horizon goals for the quarter ahead.

Nail it, then scale it

Once we’re clear on our objectives, armed with a bursting portfolio of brand and campaign ideas we’ve cooked up, we’ll get moving on our schedule of work. Whether it’s a new website, campaign roll-out or a compelling piece of content to fuel campaigns and power sales pipelines, we make sure we test everything from day 1. This allows us to “nail” campaigns faster and with minimal budget. When tests tell us everything is performing to plan, scaling things up becomes a no brainer.

The end result? Evidence based marketing decision making that ensures we #keepitreal.

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