B2B technology marketing agency for digital security & iD

The technology marketing agency for payments, digital security & ID

5 things you need to know about Now|Comms: the technology marketing agency for payments, digital security & ID

One: We’re specialists

We’re a marketing agency that works with technology companies, but we specialise in working for technology companies when they serve the digital security & ID market.

Two: We’re sales driven

The B2B marketing services we deliver have been designed to support sales. We do content marketing and create websites that convert interest into prospects. SEO services, analytics, social marketing, marketing automation, CMS and CRM platforms are areas we love and are fluent in.

Three: We’re proven

If we’ve been a bit quiet in the digital security and ID market recently, it’s because developing and refining a new portfolio of digital marketing services is a pretty complex thing to do. To achieve change, we took a time out from two of the three markets we know about most and focused predominantly on creating sales lead marketing services for technology companies in the education market.

Four: We’re back!

Remember the big hitting media campaigns we used to run for companies like like Gemalto, HIDCorestreet, Daon, Consult Hyperion or the SIMalliance? Well we’ve moved on. The creativity we used back then to get clients on CNN, Sky or CNBC is as relevant today as it’s always been, but these days, most of the B2B companies we work with want campaigns to power lead nurturing and demonstrably increase sales.

Five: We want your business

We’ve developed, tried, tested and proven a whole new batch of B2B marketing services that help companies nurture leads and win new customers in sectors like education, eHealth and retail.  Now we’re itching to see what these services can do in the digital security and identity sector.

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“This is the creative team we trust to deliver the compelling content that makes us really distinctive in today’s competitive landscape.”


Estelle Milosavljevic, Crossknowledge