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We know your browser’s pop-up blocker is on, your spam filter’s running, you almost never tick the box that says “we occasionally like to inform valued customers of new products or services” and you’ll fast forward the ads this evening when you’re watching last night’s telly on Sky+.

We didn’t need to recruit Derren Brown for this information: it’s how a whopping 92 percent of us tune-out disruptive marketing tactics every day.

Since nurturing sales leads takes a lot more effort than old slyle interruptive marketing tactics, it’s no wonder that so many B2B marketing agencies stick to the old school. Why spend time scrupulously researching the needs and expectations of prospects when something as simple as a response coupon in any given trade mag can motivate a respectable one in 200 readers to spring into action (don’t just take our word for it, read any intelli survey published over the past decade: and thousands of legacy marketers think these numbers are respectable)?

Now Communications is a B2B marketing agency that uses awesome content marketing, analytics, tech and really intelligent web design to create really relevent B2B marketing campaigns for start-ups & corporates. Like any great B2B marketing agency, we  know that, relevance marketing is not just about what you can do for your customers, it’s about what your customers can do for you.

Think your business has the courage to actually ask prospects how, when and why you should be talking to them?

For operations savvy enough to understand that listening hard is more profitable than talking fast, the rewards are in the results.

Talk to us now about making the most of what you’ve got today.

“Now|Comms really understands content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive.”

Steve Holland, Support Robotics