NowComms | Really Relevant Marketing.
We’re a relevance marketing company
that helps B2B technology businesses
really connect with customers and prospects.
B2B companies selling into the Learning Technologies,
Security & ID and SportsBusiness markets
they say we’re pretty good at this.
We’re growing fast in new sectors too:
like eHealth, clean tech and retail.
  • NOW #learning tech

    Business training, e-learning, serious games, HR and management: We live & breath in the workplace.

  • NOW #security&ID

    Secure mobile services, online transactions, biometrics, border control & eID: We’re the tried, tested and trusted marketers of today’s smartest security solutions.

  • NOW #sportstech

    Online gaming, stadium management & digital innovations for Glasgow 2014: we’re the performance enhancers for technology companies tackling today’s toughest sports markets.

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What We Do

Awesome content marketing

It’s that really relevant stuff that raises an eyebrow. You know the kind of thing: It’s like, you just can’t look away! more

Really intelligent web

Websites that look great are good, so long as they attract new prospects and nurture leads through the sales pipeline too. more

Super SMART campaign planning

Stop with all the thinking already! Creative ideas don’t add up to a hill of beans without proper planning and a tenacious tendency. more

Chemistry session

Forget the pitch, ditch the PowerPoint & to hell with the hard sell. Let’s just workshop the marketing that matters most to you. more


What do you think would happen if you corralled all the marketing skills you need in one room, then locked them in for the day? more

Social marketing

B2B marketing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & even the little squiggly one you’re not sure you need. more

Professional blogging services

The high quality blogging content your customers expect could be nurturing sales leads on your website now. more

Google adwords management

You read the spin, researched the data & used the free online Google Adwords voucher to get started. Then what happened?… more

Mobile apps

Let us build an app for your core product offering that customers can download from the Google Play Store, or the Apple Store. more

Marketing department in a box

Out-source your entire marketing to us!

Enterprise scale cloud-hosting

Redundancy, fail over, performance,  scalability, security and reliability: it’s like “vorsprung durch technik” for your website more

Responsive web design

Your web-site, optimised for the 20% of prospects who’ll be watching your business on mobiles and tablets this Summer

Trade-show traffic booster

At your next event or tradeshow, make sure your sales people are scheduled to meet the right prospects, right through the day. more

Lead nurturing & database management

“Prospect database? We’ve got one! Regular newsletter? We send one out very month like clockwork! Does all this effort generate leads?…ermmm?” more

Kickstart for start-ups & SMEs

The marketing plan designed exclusively for new businesses keen to take their first big steps into marketing communications. more

What We Say

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L&D marketing spending review 2014 – infographic

The all new L&D Marketing Spending Review is out now.

Free newswires: The good, the bad and the ugly

The constantly growing crop of free newswires springing up

Who We Are

Alexa Broad

Account Manager

Communication, marketing and content creation, awesome brownies too.

Darren Moore


AWS, HTML5, CSS, Agile and Lean. Hack days and cycle-to-work days.

Ken Ross


I work with the best team in (West) London.


What They Say

Legendary on the L&D marketer’s landscape

Fiona Tully, Sift Media

“At last: a B2B marketing company that really understands what works in our sector”  

Vicky Jones, Managing Director, Commelius, Web Client

Now Communications team of experts really know how to work our marketing budget to the maximum.

Good Practice, Web Client

The Now Communications team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.

Checkware, Web Client

“This is the creative team we trust to deliver the compelling content that makes us really distinctive in today’s competitive landscape”

Estelle Milosavljevic, Marketing Director, CrossKnowledge

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